Monday, June 24, 2013

TR-6 Restoration (#8)

It turns out that the radiator is kaput--the frame is rusted.  After mulling over an aluminum racing radiator (his first inclination), Cuz has decided to go with a n.o.s. piece from British Victoria.  His research indicates that TR-6's "have issues, but overheating is not one of them."  The n.o.s. part keeps the car closer factory original.  British Victoria will probably get the interior/top/dash trim too.  They were budgeted, of course ($2500), but the ca-chings continue.

Cuz has decided to go with the (historically correct) red paint code on the new data plate, not the green code for the paint that will be applied.  Mr. & Mrs. Cuz have decided to go with two-eared knock-off hubs for the wire wheels, not the octagonal-nut "safety" ones.  "[Mrs. Cuz] has staked her claim to the TR.  I will be relegated to the Hertz clone."  (A multi-year restoration/creation of a Mustang GT 350 H[ertz] clone is wrapping up as the TR-6 project begins.)  

Above and below: two dents were discovered when the rear bumper was removed.  "No big deal" to repair says the
body & paint man.  The bondo patch mentioned last week; also no big deal because it did not conceal rust. 

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