Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Oldies Pix (VSCDA Blackhawk Farms Meet #4)

The Alfa Romeo page, including a sweet-looking GTA / GTV...

Back-in-the-day, there weren't many Giulietta/Giulia Sprint (coupe) Veloce competition cars: heavier than the Spider.
Besic Motorsports logos were much in evidence on the Alfas at Blackhawk.  Apparently Mike Besic is one of the go-to
guys for Alfa race-prep in the upper Midwest.  He runs his own Duetto.

Classic on the outside, "All Mod Cons" (as the Brits say) on the inside.

Yeah, I've posted pix of this lovely engine several times, even recently.  Here's another.

Above and below: it gets two pix for three reasons: 1) Such a classic-looking presentation; 2) the bottom pic shows off
the Panasport wheels better; 3) the owner/driver has a terminal case of Alfiste Disease.  He races this car 6-8 times per
season.  He also owns and races a TI sedan in enduro events.  And his daily driver is a Duetto.

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