Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun With Search Terms (#4)

More amusing (to me) search terms that got surfers to this blog, and the thought that came to my mind:

"pilote Pedro Rodriguez"  He certainly was.  One of the best.  

"wiring Corvair tail lights"  no idea...

"faux knock-off Porsche"  That would be a fake, fake Porsche?

"replica Borrani wheels"  Borrani is still in business, so you can get the real deal (bring $$$).  Unless you want faux knock-offs... which wouldn't be replicas... but I'll stop going down this rabbit hole...

"Moretti 750 Gran Sport for sale"  Don't think you're gonna find one on the internet...

"championnat american cars races"  Hmmmmm?

"BRM Formula 1 cars"  You got to a reasonably good site.  Pilotes Anciens: Home Of The Also-Rans.

"Porsche 993 with ducktail spoiler"  Does this spoiler make my ass look big?

On the upside, the 993 series (1994-1997) was the last air-cooled 911.  And it did a better job of integrating the
integrated bumpers of the 964 series (1989-1993), which replaced the "rubber baby buggy bumpers" of the
911 Carrera series (1984-1989) and the 911 SC series (1978-1983).  On the downside, it acquired the
fat ass that the water-cooled 911's have further fattened.  "Everybody got that?" (as Rick Moranis
asked in Spaceballs).

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