Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hard Core (Killboy Videos Chasing The Dragon IV)

The video runs an hour; suggest you advance it to 21 minutes (to bypass starting line stuff to where the first ess begins) and watch until bored.  The audio is excellent and fun, especially the turbo pop-off valves. There's a huge variety of cars, from street-licensed Miatas to a McLaren Can-Am replica.  Several V-8 transplants.

This hillclimb is sanctioned and organized by the Central Carolinas Region of the SCCA.  It does not take place on the Tail of the Dragon, but on the access road to the Maple Springs Overlook off the Cherohala Skyway in the Nantahala National Forest.  The road is closed for the event.  (Duh... but people have asked Killboy on his website before...)

Running harder than 8/10 requires Stephen Colbert equipment.  The course is bumpy and reading camber changes while using all the road takes judgement and a sensitive right foot.  There's plenty of gravel; doubtless it moves around during the day.  And there's no margin for error.  In the closed-course events I work for my club, you can go for a ride across the grass for a good long way before you hit something solid (if you ever do).  Here, the ditches and guardrails are right there.

Killboy reports that FTD was set by the silver Locost with a turbo Miata engine (the one pushing its pop-off valve hard).  Number 171, driver Heikki.  He comes through for the first time at 25:50 on the video.

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