Wednesday, June 5, 2013


If I get over to Europe again, I'd want to see the U.K. and Ireland.  And I'd hope to build the trip around the Goodwood Revival.  It has more automotive pulchritude per hectare than anywhere else on the planet.  Thanks to Robmeister II for uploading this video.  (I don't get his fascination with the Rover 4WD demo or the Shadow Can-Am car.  Rhythm & blues, and the long list of other car cameos, I get.)

Mr. Bean and his household cleaning aids take a Lap of Honor.  (In real life, Rowan Atkinson is a serious car buff.)

Above and below: Where else can you see a Lancia-Ferrari D-50 re-creation (no originals exist) and the likes of Jack
Brabham greeting the likes of Stirling Moss--on the same weekend?  (Being able to wander the starting grid before
a race must be one of the ultimate all-access passes.)

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