Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Oldies Pix (VSCDA Blackhawk Farms Meet #1)

Here begins a series of posts of shots I took at the Vintage Sports Car Drivers' Association meet at Blackhawk Farms on June 15-16, 2013.  I'm putting a pic up for blog follower Chris, which will get me in trouble with him right off the bat.  But I had to group the shots somehow...

This Z's for you, Chris.

Sacrilege!  What do 510's have in common with a 240-Z, other than the brand name?  They were well-represented,
though.  There were over 10 of them and, along with a sprinkling of other marques, they had their own B Sedan race
on Saturday, as well as running in a larger group on both days.  There were a lot of affinity groups going on this year:
510's, Alfas, Formula V's, mostly paddocked next to each other.  I was told that the entry list for the weekend was 180
cars, of which 160 showed up.  This compares with 110 last year.  "Evidently the economy is improving," we said.

Above and below: more sacrilege!  What do Big Healeys have in common with a 240-Z, other than a straight six?  But
they're too pretty to exclude.  Nobody goes racing anymore without a GoPro...  And from the looks of the windshield
and roll bar, this car is no garage queen.  The car below was entered by "Puppies Racing," which I prefer to call "Team
Teal."  They have 4 cars, all painted the same 1990's BMW factory color, all with three-digit race numbers with a zero
in the middle.  Their B-Production Corvette goes to Road America next weekend.  But they brought only one car to
Blackhawk, this lovely Healey.


Chris said...

Thanks for the pictures! Really like the 510's and Healey's. My late Father-in-law and his brother wrecked a Mark III on an icy street in downtown Chicago.

Pilote Ancien said...

So THOSE were those two guys driving around with the top down in the Blizzard of '78! ;-)

Chris said...

More like 1965, you really had two in 78?

Pilote Ancien said...

Wasn't in Chicagoland back then, have just heard about 'em. But it's not like we don't get a couple of stemwinders per season. '78 seems to be the one the Old Timers remember. There were TWO in '78?!?!?

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