Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Oldies Pix (VSCDA Blackhawk Farms Meet #6)

The MG page.  OK, people, you're on your own here.  If it was built before the TC, I have no idea what kind of an MG it was...  No MGA's this year, although there were a couple of B's.

It rained on Saturday morning, but that didn't stop these guys from practicing.  They just parked under this portico and
wiped the cars down.  No Garage Queens in the VSCDA!

I do know a Roots blower when I see one...just don't know what it's on...

Moving on to Saturday afternoon, which was sunny...

I'm gonna guess it's a 1933 J2...

Back to the rainy morning.  Yes, I know the one in the foreground is a TC.  Background, same car as above.

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