Monday, June 17, 2013

New Oldies Pix (VSCDA Blackhawk Farms Meet #3)

False Grid pix:

Lotus/Caterham 7 knock-offs are legal for VSCDA racing.  This could be a false grid for a C/D Production race 40-50
years ago.  Trivia buffs: what make/model is the yellow car?

Extra style points for classy paint not inspired by BRE graphics.

The guy in the wheelchair flags off the false grids for my club, too, and does an excellent job.  He works all day long,
both days, and manages about 24 false grids and 125-150 cars per weekend.

Big-block ground-pounder.

He couldn't keep up with the ground-pounders, even though Blackhawk is short and tight.  But he made glorious V-12
noises trying to.


Eric Johnson said...

Yellow car? SAAB Sonett III w/ Ford Taurus V4

Eric Johnson said...

Stupid autocorrect! That's Taunus, not Taurus...

Pilote Ancien said...
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Pilote Ancien said...


Chris said...

Great pictures!

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