Sunday, June 23, 2013

Interesting ProDrive Video And A Fantasy Inspired Thereby

Above and below: Aston Martin Vantage built to FIA GT-4 class spec. for A M by ProDrive as described in the video,
and the same car built to a slightly modified rally specification.

I suspect this video was embargoed until LeMans because it shows basic preparation of the GTE (Group 3) GT cars for that race.  Of more interest to me--theoretically--is the car built to the GT-4 spec. for sale to the general public.  (This is from the Champagne Taste, Beer Income, Department.) 

It seems to me that the funnest ride available is one like this, built to FIA GT-4 specifications for Aston Martin by ProDrive.  It's legal for the production-based class of FIA GT racing but, more importantly, it can be licensed for the street.  As Dan Sayers says in the video, several have been built for private (non-racing) clients as an ultimate track-day car.  I suppose the Porsche GT 3 is such a car, slightly mis-named for the FIA class "above" GT-4, minus, perhaps, a roll cage.  Would that Ferrari would do a 458 Italia like this, and Corvette a Stingray ditto.  Audi and BMW the same.

"De-contented" (as the Aston Vantage and Porsche GT 3 are), such cars would not be terribly more expensive than the corresponding street car.  And a lot more fun than the likes of Konigseggs, Lambos, and Nobles.  The difference being that GT-4 cars are set up for racing but with practical and legal road clearances and equipment.  Drive to the track, switch tires, compete, switch tires, drive home.  It would be a useless touring car, of course, but about as much fun as you could have on weekends--including getting to the course.   

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