Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dragon Humor--And Pain

This was a good week for Killboy's Highlights.  The first two excellent captions were in the Comments on his Facebook page.  I'm hoping to get down to the Dragon again in October.  And, even though I have a file full of Killboy's shots of my car (including a framed print), I'll probably buy another as a remembrance.  "Nobody shoots 'em better..."

"One small ride for man; one great road for mankind."

"Mongo like Dragon..."

A Buick on the Dragon, doin' it quick and right.  Seldom seen simultaneously.

A Miata on the Dragon, did it wrong.  Sometimes seen simultaneously.  A Commenter who claimed to have seen the
"off" said this: "He went straight off on a right-hander, clipped a tree trunk 5 feet above the ground, then slid down
the bank sideways.  He got a bump on the head when the windshield frame folded back on him.  Otherwise he was
OK.  It was his first pass."  First pass!  Respect the road, people.

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Paul Cuenin said...

Mongo is the best. Sad to see the crunched miata. I still haven't made it to the dragon but now I don't really have a worthy car... I need to fix that soon. Thanks for sharing!

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