Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oops (240 Z Transplant)

Pete Wood photo

I put this pic of a 240 Z/American V-8 transplant up for blog member Chris, so he could do a screen grab.  Then I took it down.  Putting it back up because he was disappointed to see it go.  Props to
240 Z's, original and otherwise!  And I guess this is a relief from the blog's Euro-centrism...


Chris said...

Glad to see that back! If we think of the car from the Nissan designers perspective, it's still Euro-centric. They did pinch some design cues from Jaguar, Porsche and BMW.

I do appreciate your offer in the Motorsport Collector post comments, but I'd have to pass. I don't have near enough good material to be a poster.

Pilote Ancien said...

Z Car: mebbe, but the Europeans never figured out how to deliver that much performance for 3600 1970 dollars. Amazing value.

Chrisposts: You'd be surprised (your car, your own garage work, etc.), but I'll let it go.

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