Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun With Search Terms (#5)

More search terms that got people to this blog.  Some may have found part of what they were looking for.  Others may take what comfort they can from making me smile.

"porsche 917 tails"  Wrote that post for you!

"monza elevation track map"  Do you mean plan view?  Flat.  Always was, still is.

"wire wheel balancing prewar"  They used little lead sleeves that slid over the spokes.

"ford gt 40 family tree"  It was more like a line of descent.  Make that ascent.

"1959 family-owned dealerships"  Most were.  It was the B.S. era (Before Superstores).  Don't think you'll find many Superstores today doing Yenko COPOs.  Or sponsoring Jim Jeffords's Scarab, like Nikey Chevrolet did.  Or backing Arlen Vanke's Tin Indian Superstocks, like Anderson Pontiac did.
Or "inviting" Shelby American to parachute in for USRRC races at Watkins Glen, like Schuyler Motors did.  Them were the days...

"Corvair aerodynamics"  Not so much:

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