Friday, July 26, 2013

Driving Impressions Video: What I Was Ranting About

Why would you drift a BMW aimed at non-performance oriented customers?  Why would you complain about it being extremely competent, if boring?  Why would you gig it for not being as edgy as the 135i, and then immediately add that its rear wheels are better-controlled?  Why throw it sideways instead of talking about its dynamics on a hot lap?  If the ZF 8-speed gearbox is brilliant, why not tell us how and why, instead of raving about it in passing?

Chris Harris is a good and fast driver, as shown by his racing videos.  And his driving impressions videos are sometimes informative and entertaining--especially when he's not trying too hard to be entertaining. His work is, generally, more insightful and interesting than most of what's on YouTube of this ilk.  So my expectations of him are higher.  But this video is a perfect example of what I was ranting about in my recent Nissan GT-R post: too much gee-whiz footage, and not enough discussion of the car's technical characteristics.

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