Friday, July 19, 2013

One More Bite At The Apple

I've been though all the episodes of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.  Most of them are unfunny (it turns out).  This one is funny:

The cross-cultural references are spot-on.  Gad Elmaleh uses physical comedy based in gestures and expressions that the French love so much (think Jerry Lewis and Marcel Marceau).  And the Citroen 2CV was an expression of French culture in clever engineering when national cultures were very different (compare it to the Volkswagen Beetle or the Morris Minor or a 1952 Chevy).  The French have LeMans, but they really don't care about it.  At least not as much as Brits, Germans, and Americans do.

Citroen 2CV: the French take on basic transportation in the 1950's.  If you have a chance to look one over closely or
get a ride in it, don't pass it up.  These cars are fun.

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