Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thoughts On A Year's Worth Of Blogging

Like the stand-up comic said of his own jokes, "A lot of these I do just for myself."  (The posts.)  But it's gratifying to have some regular readers.  I'm open to suggestions on how to make the blog better.  And to posts by regular readers.  It needs more voices.  There have been several times when I thought I'd run out of things to post about.  But something always seems to come up.  Sometimes very interesting stuff, like my cousin's current TR-6 restoration.

Maybe it shouldn't surprise me that four of the top five posts are Porsche-related.  (And one of them was a "referral" by the owner of 550-141, so people were sent to the post.)  Marque-centric car buffs seem to have a laser-like focus on their brand, sometimes to the exclusion of anything else.  But, although I'm a Porschephile myself, pains are taken to keep the blog from becoming Porsche-centric.

Lately, with the return of good weather, I've tried some posts about touring (and a couple more are in the pipe).  But I don't have any significant road trips planned, other than another Dragon run in October.  There is only so much local color to go around.

Porsche aside, it's heartening that some of the most-read posts are the "scholarly" ones: the aero evolution of the Ford GT 40 and the Porsche 917, a summary of Formula 1 regulations and their impact, the Mille Miglia Ferraris, and the review of Tony Brooks's autobiography.  A minor goal for the blog has been to post short essays about things I wanted to know myself (or would have) but could find nowhere else.  Or at least not in one place at one time.

The relative popularity of some posts has surprised me: Leonardo's Moretti, my account of a day on the Dragon.  Conversely, some posts that I thought might garner a following, or was proud of, have sunk without a trace.  So you never know...  I'll keep posting about the automobilia I love, and occasionally linking to interesting sites, until it becomes tiresome--even to me.

Speaking of interesting sites, BARCBoys is one that I recently found that will interest readers of, shall we say, a certain age:


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