Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Motorsport Collector

Here's the web address:

If you are into model racing cars, motorsports books, posters, etc., this is a good resource.  Hotshoe and I took a break from dealership showrooms to visit it before our Monthly Pasta Blowout.  I chatted with the owner a bit.  Very knowledgable: "No, Pilote, there is no 1/12 or 1/18 scale model of the Porsche 917K that's better on detail than Autoart's.  If you want to spend over $4000, there's a good 1/8 scale one..."

TMC is "all model race cars, all the time," (and books and memorabilia) with an emphasis on road racing. The upside of this is a good inventory.  The downside, for some, is that it's just that: no trains,
planes, or slot cars.  I've visited hobby shops in Cleveland and Minneapolis that were pretty good on collectible model race cars, and usually stroll "vendors' row" when I go to a pro race.  TMC is better.  But no "toys."  (Of course TMC lacks the range of some internet vendors.  But if you need a live human, or are on a scavenger hunt, TMC can help.)

We walked out empty-handed.  I have too many books and model cars already, and need to downsize further.  But we agreed we'd go back.  TMC had four scrumptious models: a CMC Ferrari 250 TR, a ditto Maserati 300 S, a Lola T-330 Formula 5000 car (Vern Schuppan "colors"), and Bobby Unser's Indy 500-winning Gurney Eagle.  Oh.... and Jim Clark's Nurburgring-winning Lotus 33.  All had excellent proportion and detail.  TMC has a good supply of 1/43 models for those feeling less spendy.

Bobby Unser's Indy 500-winning Gurney Eagle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.  OK, the detail on the
1/18 scale model in TMC's store wasn't this good, but it was very good...  (On the real car above, note the trick rear
hydraulically-adjustable anti-roll bar, which I gather allowed for weight-jacking from side to side.)


Chris said...

That is a great car. Sorry to see your Z car post disappeared.

Pilote Ancien said...

No offense/sadness intended in pulling down the Z-car post. It was intended as personal FYI, not for general consumption. Hope you got my email on same.

Chris said...

Did not see an email. Will check.

Pilote Ancien said...

Gist of email was this: take some of our stuff off line (emails & attachments), set you up as an authorized poster here, or both. Don't want to invade your privacy. Was interested in your carb switch-out, though.

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