Saturday, July 6, 2013

TR-6 Restoration (#10)

The o.e.m. steeting wheel cleaned up pretty well, don't you think?  On the left, the Mota-Lita wood-rim wheel.  Wonder
which one they'll decide to install to go with the new tan leather interior?

The wire wheels have arrived.  Old School: 15 X 6, chromed, cross-laced, tubes for tires required.

Now that the induction side of the engine is ready to go, the block, valve-cover, etc., will be painted next week.


Chris said...

Wood rim wheel for the win!

Pilote Ancien said...

Probably! It's Mrs. Cuz's toy, so she gets the final say. The o.e.m. wheel has a smaller diameter and is slightly further from your torso. But she'll kill herself trying to get comfortable behind the wood-rim, if she has to, before giving up on it.

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