Thursday, August 1, 2013

Purdy Car, Purdy Video

What a lovely Ferrari!  And what a great statement from the owner about why he continued to drive it: "It's a car--a special car, but a car."  And if the ex-Stirling Moss GTO in Yeoman Credit livery, never actually raced by Moss, can fetch $35 million, why not $14 million for a one-owner 275 GTB/4 NART?

Some anciens may recall that there was once a cottage industry in cutting the tops off "plain old" 250 GT coupes and 275 GTB 2-cams, to turn them into California and 275 Spiders.  Many were flipped (in the real-estate sense of the term, not literally).  A market existed because it was the only way to get a California or 275 Spider, already among the most iconic Ferraris. The practice was decried by purists. And it was an early indicator of rare classic car prices going stratospheric.

Another good reason to not turn a coupe into a Spider was that PininFarina and Scaglietti added internal bracing to their drop-top bodies to make them more rigid.  So if someone offers you a good price on a 250/275 Spider, you might want to check for cowl-shake and general floppiness.  ;-)

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