Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun With Search Terms (#6)

More search terms that got people here (of all places), and the thoughts that came to my mind:

"mitchell gt"  That would be the Corvette C-2?

"air-cooled engine car"  New to the hobby, are you?

"fast corvair"  Um...no.

"rsx second gear rebuild"  No idea...  Honda products break???

"2017 four door mustang"  Just buy a Lincoln, and leave our Icon alone.  I'm lookin' at you, FoMoCo.

"nurburgring sticker on my..."  The trunk is where I'd put mine.  Why hide your light under a bushel?  The DGMR will sell you a Tail of the Dragon sticker only in the store: you have to drive it to get it.  Good on 'em.

"vintage 550 spyders"  I'm reminded of what Lyndon Johnson is claimed to have said to a Marine when told that his helicopter was ready: "They're all my helicopters, son."  If it's an authentic 550 Spyder, it's vintage--with a price to match.

"danny sullivan breaks road america..."  Actually, it was Paul Tracy.  ;-)   He crashed three Penskes in one weekend at R.A., as I recall.  Number 3 was a spin/flip in the first corner on the first lap of the race.  Number 2, I fergit.  Here's a link to Number 1, in practice, exiting Turn 13:


(It was interesting to note, on my recent trip to Road America, that camping and close-up spectating are no longer allowed in the infield between Turns 13 and 14.)

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