Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Panzerwagens And The King Of Cool Invade France

Panzerwagens in the village square of La Chartre sur-le-Loir, but not to worry: it's only the movie cars from LeMans.
And it's 1970, not 1940.  I wonder of Steve McQueen and one of his world-class "stunt drivers" took the 917's down to
La Charte to sample the food and wine at the Hotel de France recommended by John Wyer?  If so, it must have been
one of the ultimate drives to dinner after a workday: about 20 miles on curvy 2-lanes.

McQueen directing a scene in LeMans.  Aviator sunglasses cannot make you cool (Pilote being Exhibit A), but if you
are already the Essence Of Cool, they complete the picture.  Obviously, green lenses are strongly preferred; red lenses
are barely acceptable.  Mirrored lenses might as well have a different shape and fluorescent plastic frames.  ;-)

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Amelia Kendall said...

dang, i guess my 1.99 aviators aren't as cool as i thought - though they are not mirrored, at least (whew)

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