Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scirocco Update

Scirocco en brochette: not the first time a "minor delay" has been encountered in this resurrection.

Well... here's the thing... the rear brake lines were leaking fluid not from cracked flex hoses but from the unions that joined them to the fixed lines.  And because the fuel system parts are already out of the way, and because the car can't be driven without rear brakes, why not fix that problem first?  To refresh readers' memories, getting the Scirocco running started out as "simply" finding and fixing a valve lash problem with the rebuilt cylinder head.  Start it, tune it, test-drive it, sell it.  We have instead a series of sagas of broken Russian Nesting Dolls.  Something like that--a good metaphor escapes me.  But somebody is going to get a classic Scirocco that has been thoroughly "gone through."

"Uh, oh..."  Driver's side rear brake line (flex line at left).

The fix involves new flex lines and U-clips that affix one end of same to the suspension arms.  And flaring the ends of
the hard lines to mate with the fixtures at each end of the flex lines.

Pretty good workmanship, wouldn't you say?  Including a fix for the end of the hard line that was damaged in removal.
 Hotshoe made a"jig" of cement blocks, 4 X 6's, and 4 X 4's to support the (heavy) flaring tool and give him the
leverage and purchase needed to execute the flares with the fixed lines still in the chassis.  Creative guy!  He
went from "I need two guys and six hands" to finishing the job himself in a morning.

  The new clamp that fastens the fixed line that runs along the rear suspension arm out to the caliper (left).  This shot is
of the driver's side of the car, looking forward.  Hotshoe learned a lot doing the driver's side, so the passenger's side
should go quickly.  Then it's back to cleaning out the fuel tank and lines.

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