Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 Belgian Grand Prix

This post is to again honor Spa-Francorchamps, my Cathedral of Speed.  As mentioned before, I try not to miss Monaco and Spa on TV.  Monaco for its visual richness and tradition, and Spa because even the best must bring their A-game--and its tradition.  (Suzuka and Rio's Autodromo Carlos Pace are right up there too.)

The Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were 1 second faster than everyone else on Friday in dry weather.  ZZzzzz....  Saturday's qualifying was gripping (ahem) because it was wet-dry-wet, but the usual suspects wound up at the sharp end of the grid, in mostly the usual order.

The race was run in the dry.  Eau Rouge still takes my breath away, especially from an in-car camera. So does the fact that 80% of a lap at Spa is at full power on a computer trace.  So does Fernando Alonso.  Vettel motored off into the distance, as he customarily does, but Alonso drove from 9th to 5th on the first lap and was 2nd by lap 14.  I'll say it again: nobody gets more out of a car in race conditions than Alonso.  But he doesn't take too much out of the car or himself.  As usual (unless there's a disaster at La Source on the first lap), Spa was a fine race.  But management needs to rename Pouhon corner "Jacky Ickx."

Same race, different year: Fernando Alonso's Ferrari in the rain in Eau Rouge.

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