Sunday, September 13, 2015

Goodwood Revival

Four-wheel-drifts on skinny, treaded, tires.  On a course that is much faster and harder to drive than it looks on a map.  Aluminum-bodied cars with rivets, no aero, and single body colors with big, legible, black numbers in white roundels.  No advertising to mess up pretty body lines.

Thirty to ninety-minute races with an "avoidable contact" rule.  Good, hard racing--but clean driving.  1950's era lighting technology, sometimes running into the evening, sometimes in the rain.  Brake fade and other design weaknesses that must be managed by sympathetic drivers.

Transponders for accurate lap timing, but all other electronics banned, including radios.  Pro-am driver pairings that require 30-second pit stops to switch, but refueling is banned to minimize danger.

Race commentary that is informative, with humorous passive-aggressvie opinion, but no hype.  Hi-definition streaming video with few commercials.

So, Pilote, 'splain to me again why you watch modern professional road racing on broadcast TV?

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