Saturday, September 19, 2015

2015 British Car Festival Pix, Post 3 of 3

Here's another shameless plug for John Saccameno's restoration shop, Sport & Specialty.  John brought this Austin Healey 3000 to the B.C.F. to showcase S & S's work.  And as an example, for a clinic/seminar that B.C.F. sponsored on restoration.  Re-assembly has begun after down-to-bare-metal and paint.

The body is an original Healey 3000, but the frame is new-old-stock supplied by an outside manufacturer.  The car will
have a medium-blue leather interior.  And possibly period-and-car-correct alloy wheels instead of the wires shown
here.  John is building this car for himself, so it will have "Most Mod Cons" (as the Brits say).  His red Big
Healey, which was restored to 100% original/correct several years ago, is for sale.

It's not hard to see where the man-hours go.  Only the wiring harness for the trim is in, because the
trim was installed to spiff the car up for the show.  Rebuilt and correctly refinished engine and
drive train and interior and top &c. &c. &c. still to go.

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