Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From The "It's About Time" Department:

Phil Hill (Ferrari 410 S) badgers Chuck Daigh (Scarab) in the  Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside in 1958.  Hill
ran second until the Ferrari's carbs vapor-locked.  Daigh won.

Bob Varsha said in a recent race broadcast that "Some of us are calling Turn 1 at Circuit of the Americas 'Phil Hill.'"  Good!  Let's make it official.  It's about time that the U.S.'s first World Champion had a corner on an American circuit named for him.  The uphill run into Turn 1 at COTA is even vaguely reminiscent of Turn 7 at Riverside Raceway.

Better yet, name the uphill left-hander Turn 6 at Road America after Phil.  He actually raced there and won the "big bore" event twice, in 1955 and 1958.

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