Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2015 Dragon Run, Post #2 (Killboy Krew Slayers)

I'm interested in what Dragon Slayers, especially "locals," are doing with their cars.  Most of them do not have a lot of money to spend, let alone go out and buy an off-the-shelf slayer.  So they buy inexpensive "base cars," often used (even well-used) and set about modifying them with forethought and intelligence. The occasional big check may or may not be involved.

Disappointing news: Hayden changed priorities and bought a Toyota 4-Runner to go mudding.  He just sold the Miata he bought for slaying about a year ago (after becoming very quick in a Honda Fit).  He had lowered and stiffened the Miata's suspension.  I was interested to see what he'd do with the brakes and the engine.  Miatas are under-rated slayers, but they do need more power than the stock, normally aspirated, engine supplies.  If I get to follow a Miata build, it will have to be another one.

Darryl "Killboy" Cannon is maybe 80% done with his FR-S build unless he decides to go into a "Stage II" to radically upgrade the brakes.  The suspension and engine are done, although fine-tuning continues.

Above and below: You could say that Darryl's FR-S is almost done, although the Killboy Krew Slayers are always a work-
in-progress.  The Cosworth supercharger blows at 6 p.s.i., which is conservative enough to not overstress the the engine's
interals but provide plenty of low-end torque.  This is ideal for the Dragon's low-speed corners.  The hood prop is a
discarded input shaft from a rebuilt Nissan GT-R transmission (a kind of inside joke between Darryl and the shop
that's doing his ongoing build).  Note the camber plates for the front struts.

Kamal's Gen 5 Civic hatchback is the only one Honda made with adjustable A-arm front suspension, and thus an ideal platform on which to build a Dragon Slayer.  You might think that front wheel drive disqualifies it, but Kamal has built a car with huge grip.  The engine is "built," but to live reliably at high revs.  "Powah" is overrated as a key to unlocking the Dragon, but Kamal runs even less that most of the regular slayers.

Above and below: I'd have guessed that aero was close to useless on the Dragon's tight bends, and I'd have guessed wrong.
First came the splitter, then the rear wing with an adjustable angle-of-attack to balance it out, then the dive planes, which
have a vertical piece (not easily visible here) to increase aero pressure.  The wheels and tires shown here are Kamal's
"everyday" shoes, with enough tread to manage rain.  The Slaying Shoes are DOT-legal near-slicks.

Above and below: the office.  The Sparco racing seat is new, and all interior trim has been stripped out.  The chassis brace
in the rear (not a roll cage) is adjustable.  This car is all about "simplify, add lightness and grip."  Street-legal, of course,
but not something you would want to spend a lot of time in unless it was Slaying time.

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