Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 British Car Festival Pix, Post 1 of 3

Above and below: Want to attract big, day-long, crowds?  Bring a SuperFormance Ford GT 40 replica to a show.  The
engine is a Roush fuel-injected unit done to resemble carburetors.  This car was there last year.  Same crowds.

Above and below: The first Rolls Royce Silver Ghost I've seen in the flesh.  The guy in the picture was so absorbed that he
stood there for minutes... and minutes... and I didn't want to annoy him by asking him to move, so I just gave up and
took the pic.  The hood is polished stainless steel, but I couldn't get a good shot of it because of the angle of the sun.
Lotsa brass and copper to go with the cast iron.

Above and below: Even in a big city, you're gonna have to go to an event like this to see two 1950's Jensens.  Must plead
guilty to being too lazy to Wiki this model to write a good descriptive caption.  I took it because it seems to me that
Jensen always marched to its own drummer when it comes to styling.  (Think "Interceptor.")  There are detail
differences between the two cars shown here. I remain a sucker for early postwar British dashboards.

Above and below: When is it OK to restore a car with a non-original color?  When the color is a gorgeous midnight blue
metallic.  This was my own Best In Show among, maybe, 20 MGA's there.  There was little in the engine bay that was
original, either, including a supercharger.  I was around when the MGA was replaced by the MGB, which was taken
to be a huge step forward, with a roomier cockpit, roll-up windows, other amenities, and a unit body.  But now,
for a Sunday afternoon car, I'd take the A.

Above and below: A yummy Jaguar XK-120.

Above and below: A Pilote post about an event where Minis are present that doesn't include one?  Bloody unlikely.
This one retains 10-inch wheels, but with huge, sticky rubber.  Which, it appears, may not clear the fenders in
anything but Grandmother driving.  The engine has an aluminum crossflow head with fuel injection. So we
could guess maybe 110 horsepower, more or less?  What a hoot!  It was for sale for $28,500.


Watchtower said...

The only thing that would make these cars look better would be seeing them on the Dragon!
And on that note, I'd be happy to lend my services to the GT 40 replica : )

Pilote Ancien said...

It's a dirty job, Watchtower... Glad you're willing to step-up. ;-)

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