Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 British Car Festival Pix, Post 2 of 3

1932 MG TA, actual size.  Humans shown for scale.  ;-)

Engine bay, unrestored 1952 Aston Martin DB 2.

For me, the lines of the XK-150 still works the best of the postwar Jags.  Boulevardier, but so what?

Hotshoe (next to driver's door) couldn't get over this McLaren.  He walked away and came back three times.  He liked
interior and thought the lines of the car made it wear any color passably.  Neither the car nor the color is my cup of tea.
The McLaren doesn't move my needle.  The Ferrari 458 Italia does.  But neither of us has to overthink this: supercars
are from our "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" Departments.

Speaking of which, if I had to get to the West Coast in a car, comfortably and fast, I'd go in this Bentley.  Can't complain
about the color, either.  ;-)

Even the parking lot is interesting at the British Car Festival.  When I was young, I considered the Mercedes 280 SL a
heavy, slow, ugly, not-really-sporty, girly car.  But I'm all grown up now.  The interior is first rate.  And brown leather
goes well with dark forest green metallic.  Another superb Sunday afternoon car.

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