Friday, May 16, 2014

Killboy's Supercars

From my Champagne Taste / Beer Income Department:

Allard J2X.  With an overhead valve Cadillac V-8, this car ruled the roost in U.S. road racing in the late 1940's.  It's
other claim to fame was diabolical handling, courtesy of its Ford Model A beam axle in front, sawed in half and
center pivoted.  The car was nicknamed Grendel at least once, in honor of the monster in Beowulf.  This was in
a brilliant piece for Automobile Quarterly, the author of which I no longer recall.  But I well-remember Stan
Mott's hilarious illustrations of the J2X death trap painted bright, light, pink.

If I could afford a supercar, for fun on public roads in general and the Dragon in particular, it'd be an Acura NSX.
Honda billed it as "the supercar you can live with every day," and Honda was right.  A local MD who lives
near me has one.  He drives it slowly, and his gorgeous silver NSX is fine with that.

Lambo Gallardo: the lines don't photograph well, and it's hard to get a good angle on a still shot.  But Killboy does.

Nissan GT-R.  I'll guess that most supercars are musclebound on the Dragon.  Not this one.

The C 6 Z06: a supercar in my book...

Get that Lambo out of the shot, Killboy!  The Ferrari 458 Italia, the supercar of the last decade, and probably two.
I had some red 458's in my Killboy file, but it looks even more badassed in black.

McLaren MP 4 12-C.   This is not a great-looking car, i.m.o., but Killboy makes it look good.

550 Maranello: Ferrari goes back to a front engine, and hits another home run (at least when viewed from the rear).
And who wudda thunk that the 458 Italia would look great even in light metallic blue?

Lotus Exige: maybe not, strictly speaking, a supercar.  But on the Dragon, it's a super-duper car.

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