Thursday, May 8, 2014

Killboy's Fords

A regular reader likes these "Pilote's Best of Killboy's Highlights" posts, so here's another one:

A '32 hi-boy.  The beginning of the beginning of hot-rodding.  Look at those smiles!

Another immortal: the '40.  The sound of a flathead Ford at a cruise night still makes me stop, look, and listen.  And I
never pass up a chance to view finned cylinder heads topped by three Stromberg carbs.  More Dragon smiles!

Encore appearance: my favorite Killboy pic of 2013.

Well... it's a SuperFormance, but close enough.  Besides, we're not likely to see an authentic GT 40 on the Dragon--
even a street-legal Mark III, of which very few were made.

Bullitt tribute--right down to the license tag.

Ford's Bullitt tribute on the S-197 platform.  What's changed in 40+ years?  An all-aluminum o.h.c. engine with
variable valve timing.  Better tranny, suspension, handling, and ergonomics.  But Steve would recognize it.

I regularly say that the Fox Body Mustang leaves me cold.  Well... almost always.  This one corners flat and hard.

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