Monday, May 12, 2014

Kiillboy's Chevies

...Well... mostly Corvettes... More from my own "Best Of Killboy's Highlights" collection, although the selection isn't large.

  A "Two Lane Blacktop" tribute.  One of my favorite cars in my youth was a D-Gas '55 Chevy drag car with an
amazingly high-winding small block that looked like this one.  Except that it was blue, with hood louvers
instead of an air box, and had a solid front axle hung from leaf springs.

Stock!  The 1965-67 Stingrays are my faves, because the vertical vents on the front fenders work better stylistically.
The couple in the 'Vette were doing the Dragon with the late '40's Ford street rod in the background.  Now there's
an interesting combo-plate of car subcultures...

Not-so-stock... but nicely done.  Some cars are more photogenic than others, and the Stingray has to be among the
best.  If it has a "bad angle," I haven't seen it.

Love the Gen 2 Camaro!  When John DeLorean was running Chevrolet and GM styling, he turned out some of the
best-looking cars done in America.

I'm not a fan of the C3: not as pretty as the Stingray, and no improvement in engineering either.  But from the C4 on,
the Corvette got better and better in styling with progress in the chassis department too.  The C7 may be a more
capable sports car than the C6, but this car remains the best-looking 'Vette to my eye.  And Killboy nailed it.

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