Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amelia Island 2014 Video (Justin Lapriore)

Thanks again to The Chicane Blog for these links.  Each of these Justin Lapriore videos runs about 10 minutes:

I'm not a fan of self-consciously "artistic" car videos, especially those shot at concours.  Examples of the problem (as I see it) from still photography are below.  They strike me as an automotive version of a Vogue or Architectural Digest shoot.  These two videos manage to avoid some of that effect.  But can't we get away from the reverential, liturgical, cloying tone of so many of these "classics" videos?

Above and below: how not to photograph a classic.  I admire Ralph Lauren's taste in cars--lovely shapes--but not his
taste in over-restoration.  Or his taste in how his collection is photographed.  A classic speaks for itself.  It doesn't
need to be studio-lit, posed, and shot like a Faberge Egg or a Ming Dynasty vase.

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