Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Killboy's Hot Hatches

This is the final "Best Of Killboy" post--for now, anyway.  And it seems an appropriate one to follow the post on the pint-pot Fiat 600.

Old Mini: the only reason it wasn't the first hot hatch was because it had a laughable "trunk".

"Still The One:" the VW Golf GTI: often imitated, sometimes surpassed, but the progenitor and leader of an entire
market segment, still going strong after almost forty years.

"Fastest Foreigner's" Generation 5 Civic Si eats tourista slayers for breakfast.  Well... actually for lunch and dinner,
because Kamal usually shoots for in the afternoons.

This is one of my favorite Killboy shots.  Love a pic of a car hauling butt in the rain.

As previously posted, this version of the Acura Integra is "the one that got away" from me.  Nobody has built a better-
looking hot hatch.  Honda's world-class engineering and driving experience can be taken for granted.  Alas, I didn't
need a new car when this Acura was in production.

Pushing the envelope again (hot hatches don't have four doors).  But "Fear The Fit." --Killboy
At least when it has aftermarket upgrades...

Just when I was hoping a good shot of the new Fiat Abarth would come along, one does!

Is the Focus ST the upper limit of hot-hatchdom?  An engineer for a major manufacturer said that 220 horsepower is
as much as you can pump through the tires of a front-driver, even with clever design tweaks to the front suspension
and a Torsen diff and stability control.  The Focus ST has 20 more than that and is a hoot to drive on the Dragon.

Point Of Personal Privlege: my Civic Si is a 4-door that thinks it's a coupe.  Nobody shoots Slayer Wannabes better
than  Darryl has trained his photographers in The Killboy Way, which includes framing each shot
and not using motor drives.  I've bought pix from other photographers, but keep coming back to Killboy.

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