Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Brits And One Polish-American Cousin (Pix from the Alfa/Austin Healey Club Meet at Blackhawk Farms, 06/15)

Above and below: Jaguar XK-120.  It looks charmingly retro now.  But imagine a world with no Corvettes or Mustangs.
Imagine you'd just bought a 1948 Caddy or Lincoln or Chrysler convertible, and you could have had this.  Facepalm.

Above and below: What's better-looking than a Big Healey?  A Big Healey with a folding windshield,
no bumpers, and driving lights.

Above and below: the Austin Healey 100-6 prepared by Sport & Specialty for vintage racing.

Well... sort of British, by heritage: a Kirkham FIA Cobra replica, made in Poland and assembled in Utah.

Above and below: engine and chassis plate.

Yes, it requires racing gas, and yes, it is just as squirrely to drive as the Shelby factory cars of 1964-1965.

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