Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eye Candy: Bertone Ferrari 250 GT Sharknose

I've posted about this car before, but, which linked to these pix (via his Facebook page), gives me an excuse to do it again.  The car will be for sale at the Gooding & Co. auction at Pebble Beach. It is back in its original Geneva Auto Show colors of dark blue with an oxblood interior.  It came to the States soon after the Geneva show, and for decades was on the West Coast in light metallic green or silver.

Bertone, who was not one of Ferrari's go-to coachbuilders, did this car as a one-off for the show.  It was a homage to the race cars of 1961.  Maybe Bertone was trying to attract some individual customers, or maybe he was trying to get Enzo's attention.  Or both.  It didn't work: the car remains a one-off.

This is one of the most beautiful and unique 250 GT's.  It wasn't easy to be different from the (already lovely and iconic) standard 250 GT SWB and nail the proportions.  I'm of two minds about restoration to the original Geneva Show look.  Originality gets all props from me, but dark blue tends to obscure some of the car's subtle curves, and to add visual mass, taking attention away from the airy cabin.  It looks great with the oxblood interior.

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