Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Datsun 510 Skyline Coupe ("Who Knew?")

Side-by-side comparison of the coupe and the two-door sedan.  Scrumptious!

One of several things that impressed me about the Datsun 510 was its very clean lines.  In 1972 my ex and I needed a 4-door because we had a family on the way.  I drove it happily for seven years until road salt in the Great Lakes area defeated it.

But, if Nissan had imported the Skyline Coupe on the same platform, I'd have been sorely tempted to wrestle our "kid stuff" and both kids into the back seat through its two doors.  What a sharp-looking car!  The roof line reminds me a bit of the "sport roof" that Ford offered on the Galaxy and Falcon in the mid-1960's.  But it works even better on the Skyline because the rest of the car is squared-off in similar fashion (the Fords had some rounded lower body lines).

Here's a video:


Chris said...

Yes, lovely car. Stuffed full of SSS parts with twin SU's, I'd be thrilled. Would almost trade my Z for one. Almost. :)

Pilote Ancien said...

^ Two thumbs up. "...almost trade my Z...: -- glad you added that qualifier. A very special car.

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