Friday, July 3, 2015

Alfa Pix (Alfa/Austin Healey Meet At Blackhawk Farms, 06/15)

It strikes me that the new Alfa Romeo 4 C is a worthy successor to the Giuliettas and Giulias I loved in my youth.  That is, advanced engineering, great looks, expensive, and very fast for its size.  The Alfas of the '50's and 60's have always pushed my buttons.

Giulietta (1.3 liter) Spider.  These were the cars to have in the SCCA's G, D, and E Production classes in the late 1950's.
Note the modern Fiat 500 next to this one for size comparison.

Cockpit, same car.  It was gratifying to see that the seats and interior trim have been restored to their original look on this
car.  If you have wondered where the inspiration for the instrument layout of the Porsche 911 and the Mazda RX-7 came
from, you're looking at it.  This was a very comfortable place to be, and drive hard, compared to British cars of the era.

Front view, with a bonus helping of a GTA/GTV.

Above and below: another GTA/GTV and its cockpit.  I applaud bumper removal; would have gone with Panasport
Minilite-like wheels myself.  But let us not quibble.  I didn't take any pix of Duettos (of which there were few).  I'm
with Princess Vespa in Spaceballs on the Duetto: "It just doesn't do it for me."  ;-)

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