Monday, January 26, 2015

"Still The One" (GTLM At Daytona 2015)

My little circle of car buffs has lately been batting emails around about how these days are the Good Old Days for high-performance cars.  And they're the Good Old Days for GT racing too.  Every bit as good--maybe better than--the early 1960's.  Try as I might, I can't get interested in the Prototypes.  Even when it was pointed out to me that a Honda-engined car was on pole for Daytona and Fords are in the backs of many others (a "no lose" situation for a marque-rooter like me).

The GTLM (LeMans) class did not disappoint at Daytona.  All the top teams suffered slings and arrows, often of the drivers' making.  It's the grind of endurance racing that makes me an enthusiastic spectator.  I admire perseverance for hours in the face of adversity, especially when it is rewarded--as it was for some GTLM teams at Daytona this year.  They didn't Press On Regardless if they were a couple of laps down: they persevered when they were 6-10-20 laps down.  Oh... and the cars are bloody fast.

What would Daytona be without a Brumos Porsche, even if it ran in the "low rent" GTD (Daytona) class, and was entered
by Wright Motorsports?  Hurley Haywood was in their pit to cheer them on.  Factoid: he shares the record for overall
Daytona wins with Scott Pruett (six, I think the presenters said).

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