Monday, January 12, 2015

Killboy's Project Car Scion FR-S

Darryl "Killboy" Cannon has a fascinating new project car.  He's collaborating with Forged Performance of Marietta, GA, which is well-known to Dragon dwellers.  For those who want to follow the car's development, search on YouTube for and subscribe.  

The first video blog describes the "ECUtek RaceROM" feature.  A paddle-shift box is available on the 
FR-S, but Darryl is running a conventional 6-speed.  That makes his shifts all the more impressive: it surprised me that he's not beating the synchromesh.  To paraphrase the Dire Straits tune Walk of Life, "Yeah, the boy can drive."  Also: I remember when a 0-100-0 time of under 25 seconds was a selling point for the DB 5 ("James Bond") Aston Martin.  Now you can get it in an everyman's car.

A "built" FR-S strikes me as an ideal Dragon Slayer, budget or otherwise.  Just about all the road-testers have noted the car's balance and tossability.  Rear wheel drive allows you to rotate the car in a corner on its gripless stock tires.  As a coupe, it has built-in platform rigidity.  It weighs only 2950 lbs., soaking wet.

Darryl hopes to get 250 to 300 h.p. out of the FR-S.  The former strikes me as entirely possible with some tuning.  The latter might require an impeller turbine and a "fancy radiator," which in turn would require lower compression pistons &c.  Either way, it's in the neighborhood of 10 lbs. per h.p.--enough for the slow, twisty Dragon.  With a set of DOT-legal semi-slicks and upgraded suspension under it, this car could be a killer.  As "The King of the Dragon" says, the key is first to get the front end to stick and then to keep the rear end under you as the car rotates.  How best to do that?  Why not a thoughtfully modified FR-S?

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