Thursday, January 1, 2015

Purdy Car, Purdy Picture(s)

Above and below: Lotus 23.  A vintage car can't be raced now without adequate rollover protection.  But when the 23 was
in its salad days, it had only a small hoop of maybe 3/4-inch tubing behind the driver's head.  Useless, but the look of the
car was even more smooth, crisp, and minimalist.

The Lotus 23 was not only beautiful, it was extremely fast and versatile.  In its first international outing, Jim Clark led all the big bore cars at the Nurburgring until he had to retire.  The 23 was built to take the 1.6 liter Ford 105E pushrod engine.  It was even faster with the twin cam version of the same engine.  George Follmer stuck a 4 cam Porsche engine in a 23 and won the first United States Road Racing Championship. 

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