Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Purdy Car, Purdy Picture

Eagle E-Type

One way to think about the Eagle is that it has done for the XK-E what Singer has done for the air-cooled Porsche 911: ultimized it.  Like the Singer, the Eagle is not really a tribute.  It's a re-engineered, remanufactured car, with revised suspension to handle modern, wide, tires.  With an improved (but still Jaguar XK-based) engine, and a modern transmission and brakes.  Add the reliability of modern electrics and electronics, top-quality materials, hand-built assembly, and you have "the ultimate XK-E." With a price to match.



Wannabe Hotshoe said...

I am almost speechless. To think I almost passed on watching the video this sitting. I have always fantasized about owning an E-Type. Now I swoon over the Eagle.....just like Mr.Clarkson. Well done Brits. Happy birthday E-Type. Long live the queen. Incredible production (both the car and the video!)

Pilote Ancien said...

Well... at 850,000 U.S. dollars in 2014, one could buy two 458 Italias, shrink-wrap one, and still have enough left over for a handful of other British classics like Original Minis. OR, you'd be close to a Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

For that matter, you could buy 8.5 Nissan GT-R's for the money and club it to death like a baby seal with any one of them at a track day. But, that's not the point, and I take your point. As a fast road car, for a 4-6 hour journey on fun roads, arriving home for a fine dinner with wine, it would be hard to beat.

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