Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun With Fine Print, And The Warranty

Five Year Warranty!

It turns out that, in my new digs, I need a barrier to halt my Civic Si just short of the garbage bins.  If I estimate the distance, I may bump the bins or the garage door may close on the rear of the car.  I tried a short, flat, piece of scrap lumber but it was too flat and it moved.

Viola!  A catalog shows up from AutoSport Automotive Outfitters (outfitters?) offering a rubber parking curb for precisely my need.  It's heavy, high, and doesn't needed to be bolted to the garage floor. I've bought things like driving gloves and tire pressure gauges from A.A.O. for six years, off and on, and have not been disappointed.

Upon close examination, this high-tech device turns out to be made in Canada from recycled tires.  It comes with a consumer warning: "Your Home Park It is only a guide, not a barrier.  If you do not brake on contact, you can ride over it."  But what really made me smile was the Five Year Warranty.  Against what?  How could this product fail in any way in five years, or ever?

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