Saturday, April 12, 2014

A FINE Old Film: BRE Datsun

Thanks to Harlo of The Chicane Blog, and 'Craig" (who sent it to him) for the link!  This promotional film runs 26 minutes.  There is some great footage of Road America back-in-the-day, and glimpses of the fast uphill lefthand sweepers of the "Old Laguna Seca," long-since replaced with today's infield twisties.  And we get some voice-over commentary by John Morton and Pete Brock.

It was apparent to me (at Mid-Ohio) that BRE had power to match Alfa Romeo and BMW.  I thought then, and still do, that getting 170 ponies out of a s.o.h.c. non-crossflow head was quite an achievement.  This film shows a dyno run up to 8000 r.p.m., which is even more impressive.  No wonder the BRE Datsun 510 had such a great sound!  All the same, as the film shows, Horst Kwech's inside-front-wheel-lifting Alfa GTV gave BRE all they could handle.

Was Pilote in the tank for BRE and his own 510?  You betcha!

My BRE-Datsun-510-for-the-road fantasy: kidney-slot alloys, a BRE front air dam,  tape stripes, and a rear anti-roll bar.
Not enough to transform it into "a poor man's BMW."  For that, stiffer springs that also lowered the ride height and
decambered rear suspension would have been needed.  And perhaps more driver skill.

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Wannabe Hotshoe said...

Wowie Zowie - how did I overlook that movie link the 1st time I viewed this post? What a great climb back into time. Just kept grinning as I watched. That's the determination I shudda had in my "career"..... yeah, right. Those were the good 'ol days.

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