Saturday, April 5, 2014

Killboy's Porsches

It crept up on me that I finally have enough examples to put up a post on my favorite marque (usually) by my favorite photographer.  Pictures come and go from my "Killboy's Best" collection, which goes back to his own earliest Highlights, and now number over 50.  These are Keepers.  As usual, Killboy captures the best of a model's look and feel...

The 356 never impressed me much on a comparative basis: too much money for too little car compared to its peers in
the 1950's and early 1960's.  And its looks were not great (I know two car buffs, one a Porsche expert and one just
casually interested cars, who strongly disagree).  But a car I'd love to drive, especially on the Dragon, is a Porsche
Speedster, especially with a 4-cam in it.

OK, it's a Beck, not a real Porsche, but Chuck Beck captured the contours of the lovely 550 Spyder almost perfectly.
Killboy's angle on this one has the added merit of taking your attention away from the late-model VW Beetle
wheels and hubcaps.

I'll take a 911 RSR, original, clone, or tribute, any time.  Especially on the Dragon.  Never bettered, in Stuttgart or
elsewhere, for fun, character, and styling.

The 914-6 is almost universally recognized as the ugliest Porsche ever.  Not so: the SUV's and the Panamera give it
more than a run for its money.  "But those aren't real Porsches," I hear someone object.  OK, how about the 928 and
the 924/944?  The 914-6 is a great driver's car, made more so by wide rubber and more power.  And the R model's
fender flares complement the square shape, with rounded corners, of the base car.

Cayman S: the best-looking Porsche since the early 911's.  This driver suited up to play on the Dragon (and probably
track days) with a roll bar and OZ Alleggerita wheels.

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