Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fun Killboy Pic And A Dragon Meditation

Amen, Ontario trailer.

I'll be on the Dragon next week, and have been antsy for about a month.

And I owe Watchtower an apology.  Last winter he said "You should get a GoPro--it would be fun."  I blew him off: "Who wants to document his driving mistakes?  And does YouTube need another Dragon video to go with the gazillion already posted?"

Well...  Last March, Hotshoe brought his hand-held and shot a pass, panning into the corners.  Panning is a definite plus; the shaky video and low-res not so much.  (He had his camera on the wrong setting.) Just the same, I found myself watching Hotshoe's video every few weeks, to relive our pass and that glorious road.

In September, an insistent little voice entered my head: "You should get a GoPro for October.  You should get a GoPro for October."  So I did.  The field of view is wide enough to take in the shift lever and steering wheel if you hang it from the sunroof with a suction cup mount.

The battery lasts for two hours (I'm told), so I got a card to match.  That's eight Dragon passes.  Enough to bore even me.  So I might try hood-mounted and roof-mounted passes too.  Save the best ones and watch them this winter.

You were right, Watchtower.  I'll enjoy reliving this trip.  I might even learn the road better.  Which would make for a funner trip next spring, which I'll video, which...

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