Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dragon Tales: 10/13 Visit, Post 1

What are the chances you might meet some middle-aged guys (mostly Italian), from your home town, driving middle-aged semi-exotic Italian cars, on a rainy Thursday morning on the Tail of the Dragon? Pretty good, apparently.

At first glance, from the red Risi Competizione t-shirt I was wearing, they thought a fellow acolyte had parachuted into the Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort parking lot.  But they were polite when they learned I was only driving a Honda Civic Si.  (I in turn refrained from offering to wax an Alfa GTV on a Dragon pass.)  Besides, as a point of privilege, I insist on honorary status as a lifetime Alfiste.

'Nennycase, no matter what ya brung or what you're runnin', the parking lot at the DGMR is full of mellow smiles.  Bikers of all tastes, car freaks ditto, we're all just glad to be there and to chat for a few moments between passes.

If you happen to be from Chicagoland, and have a passion for Italian classics, here's a link to their website:

Not their first rodeo: this is (as you can see) a shot from several years ago, one of 60-odd Killboy pix I've pulled from
his archives for screen-savers on my computer.

My second-favorite Alfa (after the Giulia 1600 Veloce), the GTA/GTV Bertone coupe.  Prettier, and faster, than the
Giulietta version.  DGMR lot, 10/17/13.

Above and below: '70's and '80's Italian pulchritude: Ferrari 308, Alfa Duetto, Ferrari 348 Spider. 

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