Friday, October 25, 2013

Dragon Tales:10/13 Visit, Post 6 (And Last)

This is just to show off the new dragon at the Tail of the Dragon Store.  In m.h.o., it is not just a tourist attraction, but high-concept metal sculpture.  It seemed a stunner when I, stupidly, assumed it was stainless steel (think of the cost!).  But it's plain old carbon steel, and will be rusty brown some day.
Even more cool!  It's already starting to rust at some joints.  I love the details.  You can spend 20 minutes studying it and not get bored.


Ronald E. Johnson said...

Great photos of our Dragon Calestar. It was made by Pete Macaluso of Murphy NC from a simple pencil drawing that I freehanded. The Dragon has been in my head for 5 or 6 years and Pete made it come to life better than we ever expected. It was 7 months in the making and other than a few visits to the artist's cave by Nancy and I, it was just a bout entirely Pete's fantasy work. On completion it was too big to fit out of his garage so he had to cut off some toes and then weld them back on at our store. There is a seat that we can attach to the back of the neck to "ride the Dragon". Pete was the first to ride it and Jesse Combs was the second. After her ride Pete wants the seat back! We will work on something that details the project. We do have photos through the various stages of development. Thanks for your blog about Calestar. Ron and Nancy Johnson,

Kate said...

Very cool!

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