Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dragon Tales:10/13 Visit, Post 3

Jay Totino (left) and friend.

So there I was at Kamal's Killboy.com shooting spot, changing a tire.  A couple of sportbike riders stopped to chat with him.  I was listening to them with half an ear, trying to refine my poor-to-bad replacement tire options, when the name "Jay" floated out of the ether.  I stole a look at his helmet.

"Jay, as in Killboy's 'Jay Multistrada' video?"
"The same," he replied.
"You are an awesome rider!  I'd be honored to shake your hand."
"Thanks.  Darryl said 'How about we do a video shoot at the end of the day?'  I said 'fine.'  It was my first day on the Dragon on that bike, which I've since sold.  I've teased Darryl about that video.  He's famous, and I'm not."

Jay is appropriately modest, but no fool.  He knows how good a rider he is.  Apparently he has no problem with my posting his full, real, name.  "That's T-O-T-I-N-O, like the pizza."  He owns a bike shop in (I think he said) Alabama, but lives in Robbinsville.  So he knows the Dragon well.  Now he's famous, thanks to this blog, read by "up to" 25-100 people a day.  ;-)

Maybe us fans should take up a collection for a shirt: "Killboy Is Famous, But All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt."  Or maybe Jay could do one of those American Express commercials: "Do you know me...?"  As for Killboy being a cult hero for his camera and video work, he deserves it.  Here's a link (again) to the video of Jay's ride.  (And watch Darryl's driving, you cagers.)


Still shot of Jay on his Ducati.  If you're standing by the Dragon when he goes past, don't blink or you'll miss him.

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