Friday, May 10, 2013

Ultimate XK-E?

Apologies to readers who may be getting tired of all the recent Jaguar posts.  But somehow, until now, I've missed this car in ransacking the Leno's Garage videos.  One reason it's interesting is that you can see what the builder was going for: the ultimate streetable XK-E, using only Jaguar parts.  ( has Wilwood brakes.)  You could think of it as a Pro Touring XK-E.

It took a lot of thought and craftsmanship to make it happen (I had to replay the video to take it all in). Whether or not it was worth it could be argued.  It's like those custom and pro touring cars that cross the auction blocks: one builder's vision.  But it yanks my chain.  I just wish he had done something about the plastic steering wheel, and will second Leno's motion to change out the rocker switches for toggles.

Short wheelbase, a hot-rodded V-12 with Webers, 5-speed, upgraded brakes and suspension, rare Dunlop alloy center-
lock racing wheels...what more could you want?  (Maybe a roll bar...)

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