Friday, May 24, 2013

TR-6 Restoration (#2)

The dash has been removed, and the instruments pulled for bench testing.  The body & paint man thinks the original wood veneer dash can be salvaged.  He re-laminated the separated pieces and will use a clear epoxy resin to seal the edges and back: now to see how well the front responds to refinishing.

Wires labeled and removed.  All fluids drained, hoses disconnected.  Radiator, front brace, and tunnel removed so the engine can be pulled.  It should be out by the time this post goes up, and the rolling chassis will go to the body shop.

The first potential delay has been encountered even before the engine is out of the car: the proper green-colored under-hood hose set is on back-order until "mid-summer."

My cousin and his body man inspected the car before purchase and believed it sound.  After they trailered it to the
shop and got it up on the lift, this was confirmed: frame rails and floor panels shown above. 

No rust, just minor dents and dings.  But a new gas filler neck and lots of trim pieces will be needed.  New set of brake
calipers found in a box in the car.

No differential drain.  Cousin checked with a TR Forum.  Apparently Triumph eliminated the drain around the time
this car was built, "to eliminate dripping."  Look how well that worked!  Anyway, the rear cover must be removed to
drain the diff.  The rear cockpit panel must be removed to access the filler plug.  This is normally where Pilote would
insert a hilarious snark about "British engineering."  But the filler plug for engine oil on my Civic Si is not a model
 of accessibility either.


Chris said...

Enjoying this project so far. Thank you!

Pilote Ancien said...

Thanks, Chris. My cuz works and writes checks; I type.

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